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theflow 3

Welcome to theflow 3.0 the home of one of the most innovative Tumblr themes available.

The new version has been designed to give you even more features with less set-up Included in this release is real-time tracking, 3 different sizes of image gallery, full screen post view, 5 header fonts, 4 header layouts, 3 post widths and 4 main font options.

The colour options have been decreased with built in logic to help enable colour coded icons, buttons, links and audio posts. The result, you don't need to be a graphic designer to create a top blog!

You can now hide all the footer options, hide the gallery thumb nails and info panel, hide the header background as well as the drop shadow effects. All the options are in your hands to create a beautiful theme.

Get in touch if you have something to say about theflow 2.0 using the 'ask' link at the top of the page.


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